Friday, May 15, 2009

Nakskov, Denmark

Our trip on Wednesday, 5/13 was to the small town of Nakskov. This small coastal community used to have a large shipyard but has now turned to producing wind turbines. As we came in on our bus, there were dozens of the long sweeping turbine blades on racks on the ground, ready to be shipped. Denmark is really taking green energy seriously and because of the flat landscape and abundance of wind, there are turbines all over. This community is also trying to do things to accomodate bicyclists, liking putting in contra flow bike lanes on one way streets. They have many small streets that are more like alleys that lead from the waterfront to the town center. We also visited a very small coastal community that was devasted by a flood fairly recently. Rather than giving up, they are trying to rebuild by an installing an innovative system of dikes, algae ponds and wind energy. They then hope to promote eco-tourism, including attracting bicyclists to the area. Off to Germany the next day.

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  1. Hey John,

    Very interesting. can't wait to see some pictures. I really loved Europe. I took some really cool pictures of wind turbines near Warsaw NY on our spring break trip, I think they are beautiful.

    Have fun in Germany.